Camping Chairs

Camping Chairs

Selkirk Chair
Selkirk XXL Camp Chair

Meet the Selkirk XXL Camp Chair from Camp & Go: take maximum comfort with you anywhere. This "King of Comfort" features a comfortable removable headrest, extra large cup-holder and roomy pouch for all your gear.

Camping Chairs for Your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

Camping Chairs for Your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

With a host of different options, you can find the best camping chairs for the entire family.

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What is a Camping Chair?

When you want to experience the great outdoors in ultimate style and comfort, camping chairs from Camp & Go will make your campsite feel like home. With a host of different options, you can find the best camping chairs for the entire family.

While you can certainly take any folding chair to a campsite, the best camping chairs are seating solutions with safety and comfort in mind. Whether you are sitting by the lake fishing or relaxing by the campfire roasting marshmallows, you can find lightweight camping chairs to fit your needs.

A camping chair should be lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble. Camping chairs come in a variety of different sizes and colors with multiple creature comforts depending on the type of experience you are looking for.

What are the Features of a Camping Chair?

When you’re looking for comfort and style at the campground, Camp & Go has a product for everyone. Choose from incredible features including:

  • Cupholders: When you want your favorite beverage nearby, whether you’re on the hiking trail or hanging by the tent, you’ll never have to go far if you choose a camping chair with an integrated cupholder.
  • Phone holders: Choose from stylish chairs with pouches ideal for keeping your phone or tablet safe. You don’t want your electronics getting dirty or wet while outside, and integrated pouches offer convenience and protection.
  • Simple folding: You don’t want to pull a muscle trying to put together a chair. Camp & Go chairs are easy to fold and unfold for no-hassle setup when you need it most.
  • Simple transport: Enjoy lightweight camping chairs that can be easily transported hands-free thanks to built-in carrying straps.
  • Shade: The best camping chairs can provide protection and comfort. Some of these seating solutions have shade built into the chair for impressive UV protection.

The Best Camping Chairs are Portable

Camping can be a tiring excursion even if you only plan on relaxing and enjoying Mother Nature. Oftentimes simply getting to your campsite can take a lot of energy, which is why having lightweight portable camping chairs is so important.

If your camping chair is too heavy, simply carrying it to your campsite can be a struggle and you can even be injured depending on how far it needs to be transported. The best camping chairs are designed to be large enough to provide a comfortable seat without having too much weight.

Camping Chairs Provide Comfort

Camping chairs aren’t just to make sure you aren’t sitting on the ground. They can really provide a comfortable experience for the entirety of your outdoor excursion. From the lightweight breathable fabric to creature comforts like cupholders and built-in shade, look for the features in a camping chair that makes you the most comfortable. Choose from models with extra wide seats or taller backs if that is what is most important to your personal comfort.

Are All Camping Chairs the Same?

Camping chairs are not all created equal. In fact, there are a variety of different models to fit your personal preferences. You can choose from wider and taller options for supreme comfort for the big and tall who need extra support. Choose from compact chairs for people with smaller frames, or heavy-duty seating solutions to accommodate up to 400 lb. of weight. Here are some of the most popular types of camping chairs to consider.

Directors Chairs

A directors chair will provide spacious and comfortable seating for all. These camping chairs have a practical design with a simple folding mechanism. They are easy to fold and transport no matter your location and can even fit into a carrying bag. Choose from several different colors and sizes. Directors chairs also feature:

  • Convenient shelf: Enjoy a shelf built into this camping chair so you can read a magazine, play cards, or eat comfortably. This shelf is easy to clean and simple to use.
  • Drink holders: Keep your drink nearby so you’ll never have to leave your beverage on the ground.
  • Phone holder: Forget losing your high dollar cell phone or tablet when you can stow it away in a safe spot that is right at your fingertips.
  • Fabric covered arm rest: This cozy feature will be your best friend after you spend hours fishing on the campsite.

Quad Chairs

Quad chairs are the quintessential camping chair that can be used for just about any activity outdoors. They are lightweight and durable, created with style and function in mind. Choose from multiple sizes, all the way up to a XXL version for the big and tall. Enjoy quad camping chairs featuring:

  • Durable frame: The rust-resistance powder coated steel frame can take on Mother Nature no matter what she has in store.
  • Vented seat: When it gets muggy outdoors, you’ll love the mesh fabric that allows for air to circulate avoiding a sticky seat.
  • Carry bag: When the fun is over, simply fold the quad chair into your carrying bag for simple transport back to the car.

Backpack Chairs

Backpack chairs are exactly what they sound like. Turn your seating solution into a backpack in seconds. Pack everything you need inside a bag to carry without the hassle to and from the campsite. Once you’re there, your bag turns into a comfy chair. Choose from models in multiple colors with carry bags included. Choose from models with these features:

  • Adjustable straps: Just because it’s a chair doesn’t mean it can’t be a comfortable and versatile backpack. Adjust the straps to your desired comfort without the hassle.
  • Foam pillow: Kick back and relax with an adjustable foam pillow. Soak up the sun outdoors or lean your head back to read a good book in ultimate comfort.
  • Rustproof frame: These backpack chairs will stave off rust and corrosion thanks to their powder coated steel construction.

Rocking Camp Chairs

Want to bring the peace and quiet of your living room to the great outdoors? Take a rocking chair. The durable camping chairs rock back and forth for the perfect relaxation when you need it most. It also includes:

  • Durable fabric: The PVC fabric stands up to dirt, sun, and moisture for a rugged performance no matter the adventure.
  • Simple folding: A rocking chair doesn’t exactly seem like it would be easy to fold up. But this one is designed for easy breezy construction so you can get to the fun faster.
  • Easy transport: The included carry bag with carry strap makes trips to and from the campsite to your next adventure as easy as possible.

Canopy Chairs

You should always be aware of the dangers of direct sunlight on any outdoor excursion. Camping canopy chairs provide built-in protection thanks to a shade canopy. The chair is still lightweight and easily transported. The shade mechanism will keep dangerous UV rays from you while allowing you to stay cool. Enjoy other features like:

  • Molded arm rest: Say goodbye to uncomfortable arm rests. Bring comfort to the campground with perfectly molded arms.
  • Pillow: You’ll love the built-in pillow that provides a comfy spot to rest your head whether you are fishing or simply enjoying a fireside chat with your family.
  • Adjustable: You can adjust to multiple positions to shield sun and provide the ultimate comfort no matter the activity.

Choose the Best Camping Chairs from Camp & Go

When deciding on which camping chairs are right for your next camping excursion, think about what matters most to you. Do you need more back support and a larger seat? Or is shade the most important aspect of your relaxation time? Perhaps having built-in cupholders is a feature you can’t live without.

No matter your preferences, Camp & Go has the best camping chairs for your next adventure at an affordable price. From adjustable seats to a rocking chair, take a piece of your living room to the great outdoors with camping chairs from Camp & Go.