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Backpack Chairs: Versatile Outdoor Accessories for Every Adventure

When you are preparing for an outdoor camping trip or other excursion, comfort and convenience should always be a top priority. While you may love exploring the great outdoors, many of us fail to think about how uncomfortable an outdoor trek can be without the proper preparations. Having a bag to carry your items as well as a comfy seat to relax on a campsite is a must. While you are packing must-have accessories for the campsite, why not purchase an all-in-one backpack chair? 

What is a Backpack Chair? 

Backpack chairs are exactly what they sound like. They are a seating solution and a carrying pouch all in one item. When you need to pack your belongings for the campsite such as navigation tools, books, and snacks, you can place them in the pouch and carry them to your destination outdoors.  

But once you’ve reached your campsite, your backpack transforms in seconds into a comfortable seating solution to kick back and relax. Backpack chairs are the quintessential camping tool, and provide a hassle-free way to transport your items to camp without needing to awkwardly lug around a chair. 

What Makes Backpack Chairs Great? 

Obviously, convenience and comfort are what makes backpack chairs for camping ideal for every outdoorsman. But there are a variety of benefits you can enjoy when you purchase backpack chairs for camping.  

  • Strong construction: Remember that any seating solution you bring along to an outdoor event like camping will be exposed to things like extreme temperatures, wind, rain, dirt, and even snow. It is important to choose backpack chairs that are built with durability in mind. These seats from Camp & Go are constructed with rust-resistant steel, ideal for standing up to Mother Nature. You will also enjoy the ultra-strong polyester 600 denier fabric that will stand the test of time.
  • Versatility: It is possible backpack chairs could be one of the most versatile tools you take with you to the campsite. You can utilize it as a carrying bag while you hike and fish, carrying snacks or tools along the way. Because it quickly transforms into a comfortable chair, you will always have two useful accessories in one no matter where our next adventure takes you.
  • Convenience: Nothing makes your outdoor excursion more convenient than being able to move around hands-free and hassle-free with everything you need at arm’s reach. You won’t have to worry about carrying around a heavy seating solution to your next fishing spot, or making multiple trips to and from the car. You can stow away all your personal items while also carrying your chair on your back. Backpack chairs are innovative, yet simple. Once you try them you will never go back.
  • Comfort: Roasting marshmallows and enjoying your family’s company is nowhere near as relaxing when you have to sit on the ground or an uncomfortable seat at the campsite. You will always have a cozy spot to rest with backpack chairs from Camp & Go. And it’s not just about when you’re sitting either. The seat turns into a backpack, which means you have extra hands to carry other items or simply relax while you enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Easy transport: Backpack chairs for camping are compact enough to be able to stow away easy both on the campsite and in your car. They pack up in minutes, and can be simply stored in your garage until the next time it is needed.  


Where Can I Use a Backpack Chair? 

Backpack chairs for camping are an ideal way to use this unique outdoor accessory. But when you’re done with the campsite, there are still plenty of ways to utilize backpack chairs to get the most out of your money. 

  • The big game: Maybe you spend every Saturday cheering on your child’s soccer team. Or perhaps your Sundays are spent tailgating before your favorite football team hits the gridiron. Either way, backpack chairs are ideal for any sporting event. Everyone knows how uncomfortable bleachers are you when you are watching your child’s baseball game. Instead, these backpack chairs offer a simple way to carry drinks, car keys, and sunglasses along with providing a comfy spot to sit. You’ll never go to another game without one again.
  • Kayak trips: If you love spending your free time on the water, you know how important it is to have not only a reliable bag when you go kayaking, but also a comfortable seat for when you reach your destination. Rowing can exert a lot of energy, and it’s always smart to take along plenty of water along with snacks like energy bars or fruit. The backpack will offer the perfect spot to stow away snacks along with other must-have accessories like a navigation device or a cell phone with your dry bag. Once you make it to your destination, sit back and relax while your backpack transforms into a chair.
  • Farmer’s markets: If you own a small business where you sell goods to neighborhood markets, backpack chairs can come in handy. You will always need a comfortable place to sit while you take care of your customers. But it also provides a safe spot to store your personal items for the day. And if you don’t own a business but love to enjoy farmer’s markets on weekends, backpack chairs can come in handy for you too. Peruse the market and then stop to enjoy your food with a cozy spot to sit.
  • Concerts: Many outdoor concerts allow you to bring your own seating solution. But not every chair can also carry all your personal belongings to make your night a breeze. Backpack chairs are perfect to take in an entertaining show while allowing you the convenience and comfort you need. 

Backpack chairs for camping are a tool avid campers will love no matter where you plan to take your next adventure. These chairs are versatile enough to take with you long after your camping trip is over to ensure you can relax and keep your belongings safe while in the great outdoors.