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Stay Safe in the Sun With a Portable Canopy Chair

Need a comfortable portable chair that will let you stay safe in the sun? Shop Camp & Go for canopy chairs that will block harmful UV rays.

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    Max Shade Folding Chair - Red/Gray
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    Selkirk XXL MaxShade Chair
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    Hi-Boy Canopy Chair, Blue Sky/Navy
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Canopy Chairs: Must-Have Accessories for Outdoor Excursions 

If you love spending time outdoors, you know how a comfortable and reliable seating solution can improve your overall experience. Whether camping is in the cards, or perhaps an outdoor music festival, a canopy chair can be the difference between an uncomfortable experience and the ideal day. To find the best canopy chair for you, it is important to know the different choices available from Camp & Go as well as considering the outdoor activities you plan to enjoy most. 

What is a Canopy Chair? 

You may be wondering exactly what is a canopy chair? It is a folding chair with a built-in canopy or shade source to shield from harmful UV rays. A canopy chair is ideal for fighting against skin cancer, as the added shade is the simplest way to avoid the dangerous rays that cause the disease. These chairs are perfect when you want to add a pleasant spot to kick back and relax no matter where your next adventure takes you. Canopy chairs from Camp & Go offer a variety of colors and sturdy options to choose from.  

What are the Benefits of Canopy Chairs? 

While you may have standard folding chairs ready to go for your next outing, canopy chairs offer a number of added benefits to consider when you’re in the market for a new seating solution. 

  • Protection: Staying in the shade will not only provide increased comfort for the duration of your outdoor activity, but shade is also the simplest way to prevent skin cancer. Canopy chairs will keep you cooler as the sun beats down, but also shields you from UV rays that can cause skin cancer. The UPF 50+ canopy also adjusts, which allows you to keep the shade out of your eyes no matter what time of day it is. 
  • Comfort: In the warmer months, a shade solution is incredibly important to staying comfortable while enjoying outdoor activities. But not everyone has access to a pop-up canopy or a shelter to stay cool. Why not bring your own? A canopy chair has a built-in shade solution that is attached to your chair, bringing you relief from the harshest sunlight. Camp & Go also offers canopy chairs with added creature comforts like a padded pillow rest and molded arm rest to level up on relaxation no matter where your journey takes you.
  • Durability: These canopy chairs for camping are built to last with top-of-the-line materials meant to stand up to Mother Nature. The powder coated steel frame increases strength while also staving off rust and corrosion that can cause serious damage to your chair. With a weight capacity of 250 lb. and a choice of an ultra-high backrest, these seating solutions are also ideal for larger individuals who can enjoy a roomier spot to relax.
  • Versatility: Canopy chairs from Camp & Go are so versatile, they’re perfect for any outdoor adventure. You can choose from 7 different reclining positions to keep you comfortable. So whether you are laying out on the beach fully extended to take in the sun, or sitting upright next to the lake fishing, these chairs can do it all.
  • Ease of transport: You’ll love how easy it is to set up and transport these canopy chairs. The special bracket design protects your fingers from getting pinched. Aside from the no-hassle setup, there is also a padded carry strap to make your trip back to the car a breeze. This feature certainly comes in handy when traveling from your campsite on a hike or back to the car. 


Where Else Can I Use Canopy Chairs for Camping? 

It is easy to see why canopy chairs are ideal for the campsite. From roasting marshmallows to sitting by the creek fishing, a reliable canopy chair can make your entire experience more enjoyable. But you may be asking yourself: What is the difference between a canopy chair and a beach chair? With canopy chairs from Camp & Go, your go-to camping chair can be the same one you bring to the beach or to the big game thanks to reliable construction and ease of transport. Here are other popular ways to use canopy chairs. 

  • Beach vacations: Heading out to the beach with family is an exhilarating experience that can quickly turn into an exhausting one if you aren’t prepared. Just trips to and from the car for all your gear can become a hassle if you don’t have the right tools. Canopy chairs offer a comfy seating solution and a shelter all in one. The best part is you can carry it hands-free thanks to the convenient carry strap, so you’ll never have to sacrifice for convenience.
  • Sporting events: Tailgates at professional sporting events can sometimes be an all-day affair. Canopy chairs can protect you from the sun while you enjoy barbecue and stay out of the sun. And if you need a more comfortable spot to sit at your child’s soccer or baseball games, you can say goodbye to the bleachers and hello to a more back-friendly seat with a canopy chair.
  • Outdoor concerts: Not every outdoor concert has seats provided for revelers. In fact, many people resort to bringing a towel to sit in the grass while taking in the music. Instead, carry along a canopy chair to enjoy the show. Your back will thank you.
  • Outdoor markets: From arts and crafts fairs to farmer’s markets, canopy chairs can come in handy for both vendors and customers alike. Vendors can sit with their goods during the event utilizing the comfort of a canopy chair. And if you’re there to buy items, you’ll have a spot to sit and rest or enjoy lunch while you’re out.
  • Boating or kayak trips: One of the most exciting parts about heading out on a boat is the destination. Whether it’s a sandy island or the middle of the ocean to fish, a canopy chair will come in handy when you need to sit and relax. 

Canopy chairs are one of the most versatile items you can take along on any outdoor activity. The best canopy chair for you is both affordable and durable, ready to stand up to wind, water, and harsh sunlight so you don’t have to. From the big game to the water, you’ll never regret making this investment.