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    Model #T700-425PK4
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  2. Model #T648-1
    Aluminum Camp Table, 25 in. x 48 in.
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    • Holds up to 400 lbs.
    • Lightweight and easy transport
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    Expandable Camping Table
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Bring Heavy-Duty Convenience to the Campground

A trip to the campground usually involves plenty of good food along with games by the campfire and lots of time with family and friends. While it’s certainly possible to do all these things with a picnic table at the campsite, not everywhere you travel will have the amenities needed to safely prepare and consume food while outdoors.

Don’t leave your comfort up to chance. Instead, purchase a metal camping table from Camp & Go with all the creature comforts of home. Built with durability in mind, metal camping tables will provide comfort along with rugged durability that can’t be beat. 

What is a Metal Camping Table? 

Metal camping tables are must-have accessories for your camp kitchen. They provide a sturdy and reliable place to store items, prepare food, and eat meals while at the campsite. A metal camping table from Camp & Go is built to last, yet still light enough to transport wherever your adventure takes you next.  

Metal camping tables come in a number of sizes with a variety of features based on your campsite needs. From larger and expandable metal camping table options to more compact adjustable height tables, you can find exactly what you need with Camp & Go. 

Do You Need Metal Camping Tables? 

Even if your family travels with a portable camper decked out with all the amenities, it always seems like there isn’t enough space to prepare food and perform tasks needed at the campsite. If you think you may be able to get by for the weekend without an extra surface, it’s good to remind yourself how many different ways you will utilize metal camping tables throughout your trip.

Popular ways to use metal camping tables at the campground include: 

  • Preparing food: This is by far the most convenient way to use a metal camping table. Seasoning or cutting your food can be difficult without enough space to prepare what you need for family and friends. You will be thankful to have an extra surface.
  • Cleaning fish: Whether you are catching fish to eat immediately by the campfire or putting them on ice to bring home, cleaning fish can be a messy process that shouldn’t be done just anywhere. Metal camping tables are convenient ways to provide a safe and sturdy surface while also keeping that fish smell outside your camper.
  • Playing games: No camp trip is complete without a game of cards or other entertainment. Metal camping tables offer ample space for family and friends to spread out, while providing a surface to also set food and beverages on instead of putting them on the ground.
  • Snack table: You may want to have a spot where our whole family knows to go for snacks throughout the day. Metal camping tables can be a place to leave your chips and other fun snacks so all family members can have easy access without bugging Mom. 

What is the Best Metal Camping Table? 

Whether you are a family who visits the campsite on a monthly basis or for an annual trip, the best metal camping table is one versatile enough to bring on any outdoor adventure. It is important to explore your needs before choosing the best metal camping table for your budget. If you need a larger space to accommodate more people, Camp & Go provides expandable options that will fit your needs best. If you plan to mostly grill with your table, choose one with aluminum slats that dissipate heat.  

While metal camping tables are an indispensable tool for cooking by the campfire, there are a number of different ways to utilize them when you’re not camping, making these a must-have accessory year-round. Some other popular ways to use a metal camping table include: 

  • Tailgates: Whether you plan to watch your child’s soccer game or your favorite professional sports team, a metal camping table will add convenience when preparing and eating your food with friends and family.
  • Picnics: Your next picnic could benefit from a metal camping table. Forget throwing a blanket on uneven ground when you can bring along a camping table for a comfy spot to eat. 
    The beach: Whether you plan to stay by the waves all day or take advantage of your hotel pool, you’ll want somewhere to keep your cell phone, magazines, and snacks out of the sand and away from the water.
  • Neighborhood market: Whether you are a vendor for a farmer’s market or a small business owner who participates in pop-up markets, a camping table is an ideal space to display goods at markets throughout the year. 

Metal Camping Table Benefits 

When finding best metal camping table for our next adventure, make sure to choose Camp & Go because not every table is created with incredible features to stand up to Mother Nature. These tables provide endless convenience at an affordable price. Enjoy benefits including: 

  • Portability: Make sure to purchase a metal camping table that can fold and fit perfectly into an included carry bag. They are strong enough to hold what you need without any added hassle bringing it to and from your vehicle. Camp & Go provides tables with these must-have features to make your next outdoor gathering a snap.
  • Aluminum slats: Heat-dissipating aluminum slats make grilling even easier outdoors. Place your hot grill pans onto the table without fear of melting or damage. 
  • Rustproof frames: Metal camping tables from Camp & Go are built with Mother Nature in mind. Constructed with aluminum frames that resist rust and corrosion, you can rest assure these will last season after season.
  • Heavy weight capacity: Choose from metal camping tables with up to 400 lb. capacity so you’ll never have to put a limit on the fun. This can even come in handy when you want to use these tables at other events, like a neighborhood market.
  • Expandable: Need room for extra unexpected guests? There’s a table for that from Camp & Go. Enjoy a metal camping table that can provide a compact surface, or expand when you need the additional space.