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  1. How to Choose the Best Camping Chair

    How to Choose the Best Camping Chair

    Summers are finally here, and it is the perfect time for that outdoor BBQ party or a beach party you have been planning with your friends. Maybe you could go camping and spend a night under the skies.

    Whatever your hangout choice might be, one thing that you will most definitely need is the best camping chair.

    What is a Camping Chair?

    Camping chairs are foldable, inflatable, or collapsible chairs with a backrest. This is why they are also called backpacking chairs.

    Camping chair comes in all styles and sizes. It is different because it is collapsible and can fit into your vehicle. It is simply an outdoor chair meant to rest at the beach, park, tents, etc.

    The History of the Camping Chair?

    Now a common household item, the camping chair had a humble origin. Archaeologists found out that it was first used in Mesopotamia some 4500 years ago. However, it did not have a backrest.

    Tutankhamun’s ceremonial throne is the oldest folding chair with a backrest that archaeologists found. What is interesting about this history lesson on camping chairs is that camping chairs are still designed based on the folding principles of Egyptian folding chairs.

    In the West, it was not until the 19th century that the camping chair, as we know it today, emerged. Then, industrialization

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  2. How the Camp & Go Selkirk XXL Comfort Camp Chair Came to Be

    How the Camp&Go Selkirk XXL Comfort Camp Chair Came to Be

    The king of comfort and luxury in the woods, the all-new Selkirk™ Max Shade™ XXL comfort camp chair and Selkirk™ XXL comfort camp chair by Camp & Go bring a new level of comfort and relaxation to the sideline, campground, and anywhere else this portable chair can be used.

    As impressive as this new, premium camping chair is, the story of how it came to be is even more so. It's a story that spans multiple generations and began almost 70 years ago in the woods of Western Pennsylvania.

    Pull up a chair (preferably a Selkirk XXL), and we'll tell you the story of how the Selkirk XXL line came to be... 

    A Chair Designed with Campers In Mind

    A camping trip on the opening weekend of trout season had been a tradition for Bob Silinski and his buddies Art Bykowski and Russ Kamin since 1953, when they hopped in a car and headed to Caldwell Creek. It's a tradition they've passed along to their sons and nephews, and an adventure that tightens the bond they share.

    But there was one part of this excursion that the friends could do without: the discomfort they'd feel when sitting in average, ordinary portable camping chairs. So, years later, when Bob's son, Rob Silinski, became President of ShelterLogic Group, he set out to design a camping chair that would suit everyone's needs, regardless of stature and shape, and could be the go-to chair wherever you go: the backyard, the park, the tailgate, the beach, and anywhere else you'd need a portable chair.

    If Rob was going to design a chair to honor the camaraderie of the Caldwell Creek campers, it would have to offer maximum comfort and functionality. And who better to design the most comfortable camp chair than his old fishing buddies? Rob brought nearly a dozen different camping chairs to their Caldwell Creek fishing

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  3. 10 Ways to Use Backpack Camping Chairs

    10 Ways to Use Backpack Camping Chairs

    Whether you’re a hardcore hiker or a weekend soccer mom, a backpack camping chair is a great investment! This piece of equipment is so versatile — there’s virtually no limit to the number of ways you can use it.

    From providing extra back support during long hikes to giving you a convenient place to store your stuff, there are many benefits to carrying a backpack chair. Here are just a few situations where you’ll be glad to have a backpack camping chair handy.

    1. Hiking to the Lake

    Any time you take a hike, you’ll want to bring at least a few essentials. This includes water, a compass, a map, your cell phone, and a portable charging pack. While you could carry all of this in a regular backpack, a backpack camping chair offers additional convenience.

    These small folding chairs come with padded backpack shoulder straps and a roomy storage pouch for carrying all your essentials. When purchasing a backpack chair, look for one made of lightweight, rust-proof aluminum. A portable chair that’s too heavy will put extra stress on your back. However, a lightweight model can actually help reduce back pain by providing extra lumbar support. When you stop to rest, having a supportive seat can also help ease muscle tension, making your return trip that much easier.

    While you might not need a chair for a straight in-and-out hike, if you plan to hike to a serene location, like a lake, you’ll appreciate having a comfortable place to sit once you reach your destination. Pop a book or a magazine and some snacks in the carrying pouch, and you’ll be set for a wonderfully relaxing day.

    2. Picnic in the Park

    While many public parks are equipped with picnic tables, it’s much more fun to go off the beaten path. If you want to enjoy a private picnic for two, grab a couple of folding backpack chairs and a small camping table. This setup is lightweight enough to carry to a secluded spot and is far more comfortable than sitting on the gr

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  4. What Gear Do I Need for an Overnight Backcountry Backpacking Trip?

    What Gear Do I Need for an Overnight Backcountry Backpacking Trip?

    Taking a backpacking trip or a long hike out into the backcountry shouldn't involve too much gear. You don't want to be hauling half your house around on your back. Instead, focus on carrying in the essential items to prepare but not be exhausted at the end of the day.

    Whether it is your first time heading out into the backcountry and you want to be ready, or you are a seasoned vet making sure you don't forget something, this article highlights the major pillars of a successful backcountry trip. 

    The gear essentials are camping gear, kitchen gear, supplies for personal hygiene, preparedness gear, and comfort gear. We break it down so you know exactly what is important for you to bring to your backpacking camp and what is optional for a more comfortable stay.

    Everything You Need: Backpacking Camp Essentials

    Please note this essentials checklist is only a general guideline to help give you a baseline understanding of what you need. The amounts and exact kinds of gear you bring vary depending on the type and length of your trip. Consider all these materials and anything else you might need for your unique situation.

    The Camping Gear

    Let's start with the material that is perhaps the most obvious, the material you need for a safe camping trip. Whether you are going for an overnight trip or a multi-day trek, you will need a tent, sleeping bag, and a backpack to carry it in. Of course, the size of your backpack varies based on the length of your trip. As a rule of thumb, you should use a backpack between 50 to 70L if you are going for a three to five-day trip. If your stay is more or less, adjust as necessary.

    Beyond the backpack, you need a tent that is large enough to fit you and your backpack on your trip. Ensure that it is water-resistant or waterproof, depending upon your needs, and check it for any rips or tears to repair before heading out on your trip.

    Your sleeping setup is essential to make you

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  5. Make Van Life the Best Life Possible With These 8 Tips

    Make Van Life the Best Life Possible With These 8 Tips

    As more people seek ways to connect with nature, camper vans are becoming one of the hottest new trends. Whether you’re ready to commit to van life full-time or you’re planning an extended vacation, you’ll quickly see that there are tons of amazing benefits… and a few challenges.

    Living in a van teaches you how to embrace a simpler lifestyle and allows you to explore the country on your own schedule. It’s also a great way to save money and enjoy the great outdoors. However, space is tight, showers are infrequent, and van life requires some serious lifestyle changes.

    Making the most of campsites and rest stops is an important key to enjoying your adventure. To do this, you’ll need to plan and make sure you have all the right equipment and supplies. Before you head out on your next trip, take a look at our round-up of the most important van life tips.

    1. Plan for Personal Hygiene

    While RVs typically have a shower, converted vans usually do not. This makes figuring out how to maintain basic hygiene one of the most important van camping tips. If you stay at paid campgrounds and parks, you’ll have access to their showers and facilities. However, this won’t always be an option.

    Investing in a solar shower will ensure you can enjoy a shower whenever you need it. It’s also a great idea to keep a supply of no-rinse wet wipes for times when you’re in places (like cities)

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  6. Easy Camping Meals: What to Cook While You're Camping

    Easy Camping Meals: What to Cook While You're Camping

    When it comes to camping, the best way to have a great trip is to be prepared. You have to plan and know what to bring for camping to set yourself up for success. That couldn't be truer than when it comes to easy camping meals while enjoying the great outdoors.

    Successfully cooking while you're camping involves a blend of planning, the right equipment, and adaptability. If you are gearing up for your next camping trip and need help preparing easy camping meals, then you have found the right article.

    Let's take a look at what to prepare before you ever hit the road, the equipment you should bring, and how to cook and keep food fresh while camping. Finally, we top it all off with some of our favorite camping meals you can try out the next time you hit the trail.

    What Food You Should Prepare in Advance of Camping

    Our suggestion is to think ahead as much as possible. Unless you are a seasoned pro, you are unlikely to find it easier to cook while camping instead of in your home kitchen. If you are doing active things, such as hiking or swimming, you will want to have plenty of high-energy, protein snacks to keep you and your family going. You can easily prepare foods like energy bars or banana bread to have as a trail treat.

    Try to think creatively here. A couple of our favorite examples for pre-prepped meals include pancakes, breakfast burritos, salads, and overnight oats. It is easy to whip up some pancake batter so that all you have to do is pour it into the pan in the morning. As long as you store

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  7. What is Camping, and How Do I Get Started?

    What is Camping, and How Do I Get Started?

    Camping is a great outdoor activity that gives the urban a break from their daily rut. If you are planning the trip for the first time, you require some reading to know some essentials and don'ts.

    You don't want to make mistakes that make your family hate the word 'camping.' With a little prep and planning, it will become a favorite getaway for the family, even always uninterested teenagers.

    Why Has Camping Become So Popular, and Who Is Camping?

    Camping gained a lot of popularity for the experience it brings to the campers. However, there are some aspects for which camping became very popular.

    • It is very easy to plan, and not much preparation goes into the process.
    • It doesn't require a lot of budget.
    • With a little prep, planning, and knowledge – the day can become a fond memory.
    • The duration can start from a few hours to weeks depending upon the choice of campers.

    Ironically, the young generation and millennials in their mid-twenties or individuals in their late forties are camping with their families and friends. They prefer this activity to get away from the urban jungle and have a break from digitalized lives.

    And it does wonders to one's soul.

    Connecting back to nature and resorting to basic methods to do daily things is refreshing, humbling, and gives perspectives.

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  8. What is a Canopy Chair, and Why Do I Need One?

    What is a Canopy Chair, and Why Do I Need One?

    Spring melts into summer almost overnight, and as that warmer weather approaches, we'll all spend more time outdoors. From camping trips to Saturday mornings spent field-side at a youth soccer game, canopy chairs are a summertime must-have.

    You probably already know what a canopy chair entails if you're an outdoorsy person. On the other hand, perhaps you've never used one and are considering investing, and you're curious whether it will be worth the money. Not all lawn chairs are created equal, so trust us when we say a well-made canopy chair is well worth every penny!

    What is a Canopy Chair?

    A canopy chair is just what it sounds like, a chair with a canopy. There isn't too much intrigue behind the name, but they come in various shapes, lengths, heights, and sizes. Some come with built-in storage like cupholders and individual coolers. Depending on the retailer, a folding chair with canopy might be high-quality, or it might not. When it comes to cost, it's up to you to decide what you want to spend, but you usually get what you pay for when it comes to canopy chairs.

    The canopy chair is a camping chair with a top, though it's developed far beyond that over the years. A canopy chair allows the user to ensure available shade wherever and whenever needed. Sitting directly in the sun is only recommended for so long to avoid sunburn or other adverse effects, and on hotter days, sun exposure can lead to dehydration.

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  9. How to Choose the Best Cots for Camping or Glamping

    How to Choose the Best Cots for Camping or Glamping

    Camping is all about exploring, hunting, and enjoying far from the city buzz. But what if you spend your camping nights tossing and turning in an uncomfortable sleeping bag? A nightmare, right?

    After a long tiring day, all a camper wants is to sleep comfortably and prepare for the next day’s adventures. Unfortunately, a poor choice of sleeping bed spoils their fun. All they need is to enter the realm of camping cots.

    Camping cots can dramatically enhance your sleep. They are the holy grails for campers, and once you try them, you won’t even consider anything else.

    If you’re planning for the next adventure and worried about your sleep, we are here to help. In this guide, we will answer all your questions about cots and suggest the best cots for camping. So, let’s get started!

    What Is a Cot?

    Before choosing the best cot, let’s discover what it actually is. A camping cot serves just like a bed and supports your hips and back. These cots for sleeping allow campers to get in and out easily, which is good for older campers.

    Since weather can change anytime, no one can prepare for it entirely. This is when a cot comes in handy. It helps the campers regulate their body temperature.

    For instance, in winters, it keeps you off the cold ground. On the other hand, it ensures effective insulation (free airflow from in and out of the

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  10. Must-Have Outdoor Portable Chairs for Sporting Events

    Must-Have Outdoor Portable Chairs for Sporting Events

    The life of a sports parent is certainly no easy task. Consistently visiting sports events on a regular basis can tire anyone out. That's why it’s essential to go to these events with some degree of preparation.

    A sports event can mean hours upon hours of standing for those who aren't ready. What's the solution? A portable outdoor chair. Here’s everything that you need to know about portable outdoor chairs!

    What Are Outdoor Portable Chairs?

    Outdoor portable chairs are essentially exactly what they sound like. These are usually foldable chairs that you can easily carry with you anywhere. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways of ensuring that you can always find a place to rest in a long sporting event. Simply unfold the chair, and you have a very convenient place to sit that you can use to rest anytime.

    What To Look For In an Outdoor Portable Chair

    If you get the wrong outdoor portable chair,

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