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  1. Why Try Winter Camping?

    Why Try Winter Camping?

    Winter camping is a much more novel experience than its summertime counterpart, providing unique advantages, such as no bugs and more freedom from other campers (if solitude is what you are looking for). As fun as it can be, the equipment requirements are much steeper to remain comfortable and quell any unwanted adverse effects.

    How to Prepare for Winter Camping

    As with many new frontiers, preparation is half the battle. Before jumping in with both feet, it is good to know what challenges you may come up against, particularly when winter can be not so forgiving if underestimated. Hypothermia can easily set in if a trip is made in haste.

    Winter can be a physically demanding season, so it’s essential to know that hydration is vital and just as important as it is in the summertime. Maintaining a high caloric intake is also crucial to providing the body with the energy it needs to stay warm.

    A cardinal tenet to winter camping is always to remain dry and reduce sweating as much as possible. This can usually be achieved by wearing proper materials that mitigate sweating. An appropriately temperature-rated sleeping bag and tent are essential for the experience not only to be done right but be done in a safe manner.

    Preparation is vital, and some things you should research beforehand are tips and strategies for making a campsite in the snow. Also, you should investigate how to maintain hydration and calorie upkeep and have the right gear appropriate for the job. You should also research the warmest...

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  2. The Best 8 Tips for Camping in the Desert

    The Best 8 Tips for Camping in the Desert

    The desert is a mysterious and beautiful terrain that often is dismissed as lifeless and hostile land. Yet, it must be experienced to be appreciated, and there is no better way than setting up camp and taking it all in. The wide-open spaces and stunning natural beauty make it unforgettable. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to help make your trip more enjoyable.

    Whether you're an experienced camper or a first-timer looking to stargaze in Joshua Tree or hike through the Mojave, desert camping can be a great way to experience the unique wilderness. Here are 8 tips for camping in the desert from Camp&Go that will help you prepare and enjoy your time outdoors.

    Know When to Camp in the Desert

    Before you set out to enjoy the wonders of the desert - do your research. Like any camping trip, it's essential to research the climate, wildlife, and other potential dangers if you plan on going to any new area. This will help you come up with a plan for your trip and pack the right gear.

    The desert is a beautiful but also a harsh environment. It is good to know when to camp in the desert to avoid the extreme temperatures and weather conditions that can occur. If you think summer would be a good time, then be aware that you’ll be experiencing highs into the 100s and busy campgrounds. You could camp in the winter months...

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  3. Camping Chairs Offer Versatile Seating Beyond the Campground

    Camping Chairs Offer Versatile Seating Beyond the Campground

    Camping chairs are perhaps the most durable piece of equipment you can find for camping. They are ideal for any activity at the campsite from fishing to roasting marshmallows by the fire. These folding chairs for camping are reliable and durable. There are a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from that fit into any budget.

    What is a Camping Chair?

    Camping chairs are seating solutions that can be folded for transport no matter where your next destination brings you. They are lightweight and ideal for on-the-go living. A folding camp chair provides a comfortable place to sit anywhere outdoors without having to worry about lugging around a heavy seating solution.

    Folding chairs for camping can range from standard seating solutions to larger options that allow you to extend your entire body to lay out and relax in the sun. The bottom line is a folding chair provides extreme comfort without the hassle of bringing a heavy chair to an outdoor adventure.

    What Makes Camping Chairs Great?

    Camping chairs are incredibly versatile. You can choose from a number of different models that fit your unique needs. These seating solutions from CAMP&GO offer functional, stylish, and comfortable chairs no matter your destination. When choosing folding chairs from CAMP&GO, you will find products packed with features such as:

    • Multiple reclining positions: Folding chairs from CAMP&GO aren’t your average seating solution. When heading to the campsite, you may have plans to hunt or fish. But you also may want a place to kick back and recline to relax. These outdoor folding chairs have multiple reclining choices ideal for any camper.
    • Backpack folding chairs: Folding chairs for camping are lightweight. However, depending on how long you are heading out on your trip, it can be tricky to carry everything. Choose...
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  4. These National Parks are Rated as the Top-10 in the USA, According to Google

    These National Parks are Rated as the Top-10 in the USA, According to Google

    Following the pandemic, more people than ever are traveling and taking advantage of all Mother Nature has to offer. A national park is a majestic and exciting way to enjoy Mother Nature, and it is a popular destination for families. With more than 400 parks across the nation, we wanted to round up the best national parks to visit with the family.

    You may be wondering the difference between a state and national park. A national park is managed and funded by the federal government, while a state park is managed on the state level. Here are the top 10 national parks as decided by Google reviewers.

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Nestled in the pristine Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina, this national park offers all the beauty of Mother Nature along with a ton of family activities to experience. You’ll love breathtaking mountain views (especially in the fall when colors change) and if you’re lucky, you can catch a peek at black bears, deer, and many other animals that call this area home. Pro tip: If you are ever driving through the park and see a line of people waiting and looking...

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  5. These State Parks are Rated as Top 10 in the US, According to Google

    These State Parks are Rated as Top 10 in the US, According to Google

    State parks are an incredible way to enjoy nature without breaking the bank, all while spending a relaxing day with the family. Heading to state park campgrounds became hugely popular during the pandemic, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. From hiking and biking to fishing and swimming, the best state parks have a ton to offer the entire family.

    You might wonder the difference between a state park vs. national park. A state park is controlled and owned by the state government, while a national park is regulated by the federal government. They have different funding sources, therefore different rules. However, they both provide relaxing outlets to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are looking for the best state parks, here are the Top 10 in the USA as rated by Google reviewers.

    Bond Falls Scenic Site

    If waterfalls are your thing (and who doesn’t like a waterfall?), then Bond Falls Scenic Site is one of the best state parks you can find. This gorgeous park tucked away in Ontonagon County, Michigan is ideal for nature lovers. The waterfall is 100 ft. wide with a total drop of 50 ft, making it large enough for perfect Instagram photos, yet accessible enough where you won’t have to worry about waiting in line to get a peek. If camping is on the itinerary, this state park can accommodate that too along with your pets.

    • What Google reviewers like: Visitors love...
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  6. Is It OK to Go Camping With Dogs?

    Is It OK to Go Camping With Dogs?

    Dog camping can be an exceptional experience for your entire family, including the furry members of it. If you’re planning to do any camping with dogs, you have to plan for the experience, keeping in mind the needs of your pet. To help you, consider these tips.

    How to Prepare for Camping with Dogs

    It's exciting to think that you can get away with your pet this weekend or even spend a longer trip trekking through the mountains. However, before you do that, you need to be sure your pet's ready for camping. Doing this helps ensure your pet isn’t put in a situation that’s overwhelming for them or stresses them so much it creates a health risk.

    Consider Your Dog’s Health

    The first step is to ensure your pet’s healthy and ready for any type of excursion. The best resource for this is your vet. In the week leading up to your camping trip, schedule an appointment with the vet for a checkup. Just like you need to be healthy for such trips, you want to be sure your pets are ready, too.

    • Vaccination Status: Be sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations. If you plan to stay at a campground, they may require proof of pet vaccinations. Try to schedule them a few weeks before your trip. That way, if your pet has an adverse reaction to the vaccinations, there’s support available.
    • Flea and Tick Prevention: Heading out into the woods or even just unfamiliar territory will have your pet on a path of exploration. You just don’t want them to bring home any unwanted guests while they’re out there. Flea and tick prevention is critical to your dog’s health. Work with your vet to choose the right type for your dog.
    • Is Your Dog Microchipped? Microchipping is a very simple process that provides incredible protection for your dog. A small microchip is placed under the dog's skin. It's not painful, but it does help ensure it's easy to find your pet should they get away...
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  7. What to Take Camping in the Fall

    What to Take Camping in the Fall

    There are few things more magical than camping in the fall - especially during the first half of the season. Campsites are quieter than in the summer and nature is at its finest, with the leaves turning beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red. Wildlife is busy preparing for the long winter ahead. There’s still a decent amount of daylight when fall camping and, while the weather is usually pleasant, the evenings are cool enough to justify a roaring campfire. As with any camping trip, you need to think about what to pack so you have the best time possible when camping in the fall.

    In this article we’re going to look at why camping in the fall is awesome, where to camp in the fall, what to pack, what to eat and how to stay warm in your tent. Follow our guide and fall camping could easily be the best outdoor experience you will ever have.

    Why Camping in the Fall is Awesome

    The French writer Albert Camus said: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Nature is at its most impressive in the fall. The mornings can be crisp and misty. The evenings promise dramatic sun sets. Nighttime means clear skies with great opportunities for star gazing.

    Mellower than the blazing heat of the summer, in the fall you don’t have to worry about sun burn and sun stroke. The milder weather means comfortable walking without sweating.

    There are fewer bugs to bother you. There’s...

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  8. Best Portable Chairs to Bring to Concerts and Music Festivals

    Best Portable Chairs to Bring to Concerts and Music Festivals

    So, you’ve secured tickets to your favorite concert or music festival. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get ready for the event. To ensure you have an enjoyable and fascinating experience, there’s something you absolutely need to bring: a portable chair.

    Let’s face it, even if you show up early, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to scope out a patch of grass or pack under the shade offered by the nearest merch tent. So, we recommend you get yourself a proper and relaxed portable chair to sit freely with no disturbance. Trust us! Once you’ve found the perfect seat, it will become the closest confidant in comfort. That holds even for barbecues, day trips to the beach, and picnics.

    But how do you find the best portable chair? That's where we come in. We have created this comprehensive guide to help you select a style of portable chair to bring along for fun, irrespective of the venue. Check it out!

    Can You Bring Portable Chairs to Concerts and Music Festivals?

    Most concerts and music festivals encourage participants to bring their own comfortable festival seats, especially if they have a shaded music amphitheater space. Furthermore, you don’t want to spend three or four days sitting on the ground. So, it makes sense to take along some chairs.

    Nevertheless, always check with your local festive and confirm if there's ample standing room in front of the stages. Or whether it's possible to spread out a little and fix your portable camping chair...

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  9. How to Store a Kayak When It’s Not in Use

    How to Store a Kayak When It’s Not in Use

    Kayaking is undoubtedly full of adventure and attraction. This is the reason why the number of Kayakers has been rising consistently. In 2020, there were more than 18 million kayaking participants in the US alone, 11.2% more than the previous year. However, as it’s not practiced during winter, kayakers should know how to store a kayak to keep it in good shape for the next year.

    If it’s your first purchase, better check out this post to learn the basics of kayak storage. For example, where you can store it, what the best storage position is, what kayak storage options you can try, and how to prevent it from possible damage during long-term storage.

    What Can You Use for Kayak Storage?

    Many different factors can cause damage to your boat. These include heat, cold, moisture, and UV rays. Therefore, the watercraft needs some much-needed protection from these factors to retain its shape and functionality.

    There are different ways to store a Kayak depending on the duration and the frequency of use. These storage methods divide into indoor and outdoor kayak storage.

    Outdoor kayak storage is a short-term solution to keep using your kayak when needed. Instead of leaving your watercraft in the water, you can keep it off...

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  10. How to Choose the Best Camping Chair

    How to Choose the Best Camping Chair

    Summers are finally here, and it is the perfect time for that outdoor BBQ party or a beach party you have been planning with your friends. Maybe you could go camping and spend a night under the skies.

    Whatever your hangout choice might be, one thing that you will most definitely need is the best camping chair.

    What is a Camping Chair?

    Camping chairs are foldable, inflatable, or collapsible chairs with a backrest. This is why they are also called backpacking chairs.

    Camping chair comes in all styles and sizes. It is different because it is collapsible and can fit into your vehicle. It is simply an outdoor chair meant to rest at the beach, park, tents, etc.

    The History of the Camping Chair?

    Now a common household item, the camping chair had a humble origin. Archaeologists found out that it was first used in Mesopotamia some 4500 years ago. However, it did not have a backrest.

    Tutankhamun’s ceremonial throne is the oldest folding chair with a backrest that archaeologists found. What is interesting about this history lesson on camping chairs is that camping chairs are still designed based on the folding principles of Egyptian folding chairs.

    In the West, it was not until the 19th century that the camping chair, as we know it today, emerged. Then, industrialization...

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